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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My 2NE1

I am the BEST!! oH MY GOD...

My favourite korean girls group!! Diorg dah kuarkan lagu baru!! I am so excited!
Lagu baru diorg mmg best! Club beat...=) mmg teddy oppa done it very well this time... Thanx to him all the 2ne1 songs are the best than ever... dengar banyak kali pun still lagi minat...

Anyway..patutnya hari nie launching diorg punya MV..tp YG tangguhkan pulak...sadis betul r...=.=" dah lama aku tunggu kot....(padahal baru 3 hari..hehe) tapi diorg dh release full song kat youtube!! aku online jer pagi nie ter
us aku check it out!!

OMG!! bila dengar jer first beat lagu tu... i was like..WOW! the best song ever!! bagus giler lagu diorg... even lirik pun best!

ok2..before aku merapu lagi pasal lagu 2ne1 nie..aku citer serba sedikit pasal diorg..

2ne1 ni merupakan adik kepada BigBang under YG entertainment.. BigBang pun aku minat giler tahap karma r..=)) Anyway...group nie merupakan group yg paling FIERCE sbb lagu2 diorg byk berkisarkan tentang:

1. the girl power!
2. bila breakup..the girls need to be stronger than ever
3. don't care bout others saying stuff bout you..you are better than them
4. can cause FIRE to the guys whoa are trying to play the girls
5. Motivating the girls
6. Better off alone..hehehe =)
7. Whatever you do...they can't say anything cause it is your own life!!

So... in conclusion... the songs are all about having fun and live with no worries and... Girls are dangerous so don't mess with them...=))

Ok..now.. nie link nk dgr lagu baru diorg= Iam the BEST

and nie pics terbaru diorg for their new song and mini album..=))

Cantik giler kan pic nie!!! OMG!! Cute habis=))

That's all for now..

See Ya!! =))

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