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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am Obsessed With.....

Salam sume...=))

For the new post..i want to talk about my obsession.... Well..of course..i am a GIRL..so i may obsessed with many things... But the thing is...my obsession always different from time to time...

Well...i might want to share some of them...hehe..=)) so here we goo!!=)

1. I am obsessed with...

the mystery books to be exact..these books make me use my brain for thinking and trying to solve the case together with the characters of the books.. My all time favorite..

---> Sherlock Holmes :

---> Nancy Drew :

---> And any kind of mysteries books that i can lay may hands on them...=))

Now... the next thing is....

2. Food!!!

I love good food and love to learn how to make it... Maybe because my late baba was a chef so i am so getting use to have good food on my table.. I love to see people cook and how they serve it. I remembered once where i was in this restaurant (frankly..i totally forgot the name of the restaurant..hee) the food there was fantastic! Marvelous!!
When i finished the meals..i asked the waiter if i could meet the chef and my wish was granted.. I gave quite high compliment to the chef and promise to come back whenever i have the money to dine there..and guess what??? he gave me free dessert to complete my dinner course that evening which was the moist chocolate cake, pudding, and ice cream!! Nyum2!!
However..the food there was miraculously expensive so i have to work hard to get the taste of the food there...=)) I WILL!! hehehe

So the list goes on...

3. Gadgets and Phones..=))

most of the kids and teenagers nowadays are obsessed with these items.. any kind of gadgets and phones which are new in the market..everyone might to have one of it..including me..!! hehehe but seriously.. I have change my phones for about 4 times in this year 2011... for me..it is too much... but i had a good reason for that.. my phones broke so i needed a new one.. =)) Hehe...

My mama are so angry at first but it wasn't my fault... Cause i am so careful with my belongings as well as the others... and a new handphone is in my hand right now!! hehe..

These are my new phones..approval from my mama (^.-)

4. Jewelry..(^.-)
A girl will never be apart with this material... Jewelry...=))
Once..i was soo obsessed with necklace and well actually until now! but i didn't buy it now cause i think i had enough already...hehehe...

So..i am so in love with bracelets and rings... and right now..i am waiting for that someone to buy me a ring or a necklace... hehehe..i hope that someone will buy it for me..<3

Moving on....=))

5. Coffee!!!

My favorite drink of all time!! Once i hated coffee so much that i don't even try to take a sip.. heee.... i feel like whoever drinks coffee...they are OLD PEOPLE... ummm...so that makes me an aunty cause i do like coffee soooo much!!! =))

That's all folks!!! I think... hehehe... Well.. whatever that i have now..i am so grateful... Thanks to God for all the gifts.. I feel that everything that i have now is already enough for me... i don't ask for anything else except Love from Him and all the people that i care the most...

Till next time!! Smile always!! You will never know who is going to fall to your smile...(^.-)

See ya!! <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My 2NE1

I am the BEST!! oH MY GOD...

My favourite korean girls group!! Diorg dah kuarkan lagu baru!! I am so excited!
Lagu baru diorg mmg best! Club beat...=) mmg teddy oppa done it very well this time... Thanx to him all the 2ne1 songs are the best than ever... dengar banyak kali pun still lagi minat...

Anyway..patutnya hari nie launching diorg punya MV..tp YG tangguhkan pulak...sadis betul r...=.=" dah lama aku tunggu kot....(padahal baru 3 hari..hehe) tapi diorg dh release full song kat youtube!! aku online jer pagi nie ter
us aku check it out!!

OMG!! bila dengar jer first beat lagu tu... i was like..WOW! the best song ever!! bagus giler lagu diorg... even lirik pun best!

ok2..before aku merapu lagi pasal lagu 2ne1 nie..aku citer serba sedikit pasal diorg..

2ne1 ni merupakan adik kepada BigBang under YG entertainment.. BigBang pun aku minat giler tahap karma r..=)) Anyway...group nie merupakan group yg paling FIERCE sbb lagu2 diorg byk berkisarkan tentang:

1. the girl power!
2. bila breakup..the girls need to be stronger than ever
3. don't care bout others saying stuff bout you..you are better than them
4. can cause FIRE to the guys whoa are trying to play the girls
5. Motivating the girls
6. Better off alone..hehehe =)
7. Whatever you do...they can't say anything cause it is your own life!!

So... in conclusion... the songs are all about having fun and live with no worries and... Girls are dangerous so don't mess with them...=))

Ok..now.. nie link nk dgr lagu baru diorg= Iam the BEST

and nie pics terbaru diorg for their new song and mini album..=))

Cantik giler kan pic nie!!! OMG!! Cute habis=))

That's all for now..

See Ya!! =))

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Salam semua...

Dah berminggu buat blogwalking...best gak... macam life story yg aku baca... macam2 tips yg aku dapat.. Bagus jugak yer berblogging nie yer... bagusla...bermanfaat...=)


Aku malas nk update my blog... then again..tak kan la nak biarkan 'berhabuk' jer kot...

At least, i will share some of my interest here...=)

first of all.... i loooovveeee MUSIC.. some says that music is life..that is the reason why the heart 'beats'. I admire sounds and views... and i am so thankful to Allah for lending me eyes and ears... Alhamdulillah...

So.. Be grateful with everything that God had given to you... He will might take ti all away from you just a second and whenever he wants...

See Ya...=)